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I took a chance the other day and ventured outdoors to take some pictures. The sun was high late in the morning, the air was cold, and not a cloud in the sky. Not ideal lighting, but the point was to progress.

The whole time I stuck with my 50mm prime lens on my Sony a330. I turned it to manual focus, which is something I’d never done before. Manual mode, fine – manual focus? No experience. However, turning the lens myself really made me aware of the image I was taking. I love it. I finally felt like my DSLR was better than a point-and-shoot. It made me giddy.

The images are still not great.

I made a stop in our backyard, which has a lovely garden full of dead things right now. We’re hoping when the weather warms up that we’ll be able to overhaul it. I can’t wait for a water feature!

birdhouse image
f/6.3 1/40sec 100iso 50mm

The beginnings of a fairy garden contains a hanging plant, campfire, bicycle, and a see-saw. I tried to frame everything but the see-saw, but with it being my first time at manual focus I really didn’t achieve the image I wanted. T

hen, a birdhouse on the fence behind the house (left by the previous owners) looked tortured just enough to make an interesting picture, but the sky is blown out. The dog on the other side of the fence yelled at me to move along, and I don’t know

red plant image
f/14 1/40sec 100iso 50mm

my neighbors well enough for them to understand why this strange woman is walking around her backyard with a camera.

So to the park I went. Boone County Arboretum felt desolate. I came across two other women along the paved trail, one laughed when she passed me. Probably because she looked like the snow apocalypse was upon us and I was wearing a sweatshirt with a giant messenger bag like I was going grocery shopping. The other lady tried to make small talk about the weather despite how I was wearing bright green headphones.

Everything was dead. One red plant stood out among the brown everythin

path image
f/8 1/125sec 100iso 50mm

g else. A bridge was a nice change, but brown. Then the bark of a tree created a cool texture, but still brown. At least the sky was blue and not blown out.

When color returns to the park, so will I, but until then I might experiment with still life set ups.

At least I made it outside, I made steps toward getting better at my passion. Sometimes those first steps are the hardest, but you’ll never get anywhere less you hit the nail on the head every single day.

Be brave.

Question for the comments: What step have you taken toward your goals that you feel really turned the direction you were taking, or took you closer to your finish line than the other steps? Was it the first one or something specifically that happened? Or do you feel like it’s all about hitting the nail on the head every single day?





bridge image
f/8 1/125sec 100iso 50mm


fairy garden image
f/2.8 1/30sec 100iso 50mm

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