Snow Happens – Photography

Travis and I just bought this house in May 2015, which seems longer ago than it really is. For me, one of the highlights of the house is the garden in the backyard. You’ll see this as time progresses. I’m constantly taking pictures back there, with the first snowfall being no different.

The stones used for the reinforced walls make for an interesting texture, being different colors and having a very “thrown stone texture 2together” look. The steps going up aren’t very effective for actually climbing, they are a bit high-set and covered in loose rocks. We’re planning on reinforcing them when we overhaul the whole garden.

With the overhaul, we’ll be taking out almost all of the plants. Maybe completely all of it. There are several large bushes that cover a lower corner that serve no clear purpose, a tomato plant took up a space in a lower bed (and we don’t even like tomatoes), and a tree is in the middle of the whole thing for some reason.

Where the tomato plant is, I want to put a small pond/water-feature. We go to the Renaissance Festival every year and one of the vendors have these amazing glass bowls/flowers that float around and clink together in vibrant colors. They’re so relaxing and beautiful! I’ve wanted them for over a decade now, but never had a place to put them besides a bathtub. And it’s weird to bring someone into your bathroom to show them clinking glass.

Fosnowy plantr the rest of the garden, we’re planning on having a small veggie area to grow some peppers and maybe squash. Then perennials. I want it to be as beautiful and low-maintenance as I can get it.

The front of the house is the same, there are several bushes that were infested with yellow¬† jackets this past summer. Those are going. Plus a couple smaller bushes that sit right in front of the basement windows. While we appreciate privacy, they block sunlight and that’s more important for us down there.

The snow was a challenge for me. It’s a bad time to get use to using manual focus since it’s about 13 degrees outside. I’d rather keep my hands close to me! Also, I did my best to not over-exposed the images, which ended up with a few of them under-exposed. However, since I shoot in RAW format, it was easily corrected in post editing.

teal snow
Sony a330 f/14 1/50sec 100iso 50mm

Again with the birdhouse, right? There is a shot here, I know it, but I don’t think I’ve found it yet. I’ll have to try a different composition when it’s not freezing and I don’t have the neighborhood dogs howling at me.

Despite my attempts to not over-expose (which my meter never ‘dinged’ when I was editing), when I submitted these to a stock photo site, they were denied due to being over exposed and the subject blurry. Maybe they just aren’t stock site material, but I’m at least getting practice and going outside.

Till next time, be brave.

Question for the comments:  What is your favorite thing to do when it snows? Do you go outside and play, or prefer to curl up in a blanket with a hot drink? Do you even get snow where you live?

stone texture 1

snowy stairs

statue and chairs


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