Standing Up Before The First Steps

The only time people change is when they want to. They have to set up a plan that they can follow through on. It doesn’t have to be baby steps, some things can be done cold turkey without any build up, but only if the person can follow through on it.

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. I believe that if someone wants to change something about themselves, or the way they are living, they have every opportunity to do so at any time. The reason the majority of NYR’s fall through is because they are developed in peer pressure, under-developed with no clear steps or goals, or with an idea that time-representing numbers have any affect on our maturity, resolve, and motivations.

Despite of my dislike for NYR’s,  I could appear to have one. After a long holiday season, I’ve found my resolve to start doing what I’ve been building up to for awhile, which is this blog.

I’ve had many before, in many shapes and sizes. Including my previous one that was going to encompass three different topics: health, media, and art. While a good idea, I discovered that I’m not someone who can contribute to all three of those blogs on a regular basis while also going out and creating content for them.

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In the past two months, the idea that I should get a new camera came up. I currently own a Sony a330 with the 18-55mm kit zoom lens, a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, and a macro attachment. I minored in photography while I was in college (acquiring a BA in Media Informatics) and this camera served me well; however, I didn’t do much with my minor degree once I graduated, focusing on following-up on my major.

Since I started researching new cameras, the spark lit up. I love it. I love everything about photography. I love researching lenses (though that can be a bit overwhelming), the technology behind it, everything that goes into making a perfect shot, going out into the world and finding compositions that make this place we live in beautiful, and sharing them with the world. I spent hours upon hours in December watching YouTube videos on different camera models, techniques, and equipment reviews. While I was cleaning for a Christmas party, you can be sure a seminar was playing in the background.

In the beginning I wanted to move away from Sony. I figured Canon and Nikon were the big names in the industry, so I’d probably go with one of them. I focused on Canon at first, but then I came across a photographer discussing why he switched from Nikon to Sony Mirrorless. At first it came off as really, really sponsored. He sounded like he couldn’t wait to get his words out so he could go off camera and grab a nice paycheck from some guy in a suit covered in the Sony logo. However, the camera was cool, so I watched more of his videos. I liked the style of his work. The compositions were hit-or-miss for me (sometimes the marriage of a pinup model doesn’t go well with abandoned buildings. I was seeing compositions I wanted to shoot that he was completely ignoring). His weren’t bad, just not my style. He’s good, and is making this a living, so I learned from him and in doing so fell in love with the Sony Mirrorless line of cameras.

It’s often called an entry-level camera, especially because of it’s price range, but I’ve resolved to purchase the Sony a6000 with a few non-kit lenses. Once that becomes lucrative, I’ll look into going straight for the a7Rii, or whatever the high-end equivalent is by that time.

This blog is going to document a few things, but mostly this journey I’m going on with photography and writing. I’ll share short stories with you, thoughts on things, and at least one post a week with images I’ve shot. I hope you’ll see growth and resolve. I hope you’ll offer constructive criticism and maybe even offer a gig. That’d be cool.

So largely photography and writing, but also thoughts and some ramblings. That’s what I’m laying down. Maybe you’ll pick it up.

This is where the “awkward” comes in.


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